“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”

Edmund Hillary

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The Grand Canyon to Utah

Tusayan to Cottonwood Camp Mile 705 (23 miles) We started the epic day at 0600 following a 4.5 mile paved path from the town of Tusayan into the Grand Canyon South Village. Along the way I saw a bunch of elk and even one with its antler falling off. Once in the GC village we … Continue reading The Grand Canyon to Utah

Flagstaff to Tusayan

Flagstaff to Mile 596 (10 miles) Yesterday was a zero day in Flagstaff. I spent most of the day lounging in my sleeping quilt on the floor of the hotel room. I say the floor because it was my turn to take the floor and the guys wash had a bed. I didn’t really mind … Continue reading Flagstaff to Tusayan

Pine to Flagstaff

Pine to Mile 499 (22 miles) This morning started early again at 04:30 and we were road walking from the motel in Strawberry to Pine by 05:15. We made stops at the gas station, the local market and then to the Early Bird Cafe where we had a breakfast before hitting the trail. By 08:00 … Continue reading Pine to Flagstaff

Superior to Lake Roosevelt

***DISCLAIMER*** I type these entries into my phone each night in my tent. I understand there are issues with typos, grammar, punctuation, etc. I am normally half asleep when typing these so please bear with me! Superior Zero Day 1 (0 miles) I slept pretty good last night having my sleeping pad inflated with my … Continue reading Superior to Lake Roosevelt

AZT 300 Mile Gear Review

I’ve been on the Arizona Trail 300 miles so far and during that time I’ve been able to determine what gear works the best and what may lack in some areas. Prior to starting this trip I did endless research on gear and what might work the best for me during my time in the … Continue reading AZT 300 Mile Gear Review

Oracle to Superior

Oracle to Mile 219.2 (21 miles) This morning I woke at 6am and we all packed and somehow fit 4 days of food and 4.5 liters of water into our bags which was ridiculously heavy after carrying light for the past few days. Tik Tok was able to get ahold of a nice woman named … Continue reading Oracle to Superior

Mile 71.1 to Oracle

Mile 124 to Mile 145.5 (21 miles) I woke at 5:45, got ready, packed my bag and was out the hotel door at 6:50. Jimmies uncle Big Dog gave us a ride back to the trail and we started off hiking at 7:35. Our spirits were high with clear skies and sun in the forecast. … Continue reading Mile 71.1 to Oracle

It Has Begun!

Day 1: Montezuma Pass to Mile 16.6 I started my trip a day early to avoid some weather and so glad I did! Arriving at Montezuma Pass at 8 am, the weather was cold and very windy! I connected with Jim on Facebook two days prior and planned to start both of our first time … Continue reading It Has Begun!

Overnight Test Trial

After testing my Gossamer Gear The One tent out two weeks ago, I decided I was not 100% comfortable with the tent when a storm came through with 60mph wind gusts and hail. After the first hour my tent just blew over and I had to run over to catch it before it blew away! … Continue reading Overnight Test Trial

Resupply Plan

I am not sure how other people feel towards resupply boxes, but I found this to be the most challenging part in preparation. Trying to decide in advance what I would want to eat and what supplies I would need far in advance is rather overwhelming! I’ve read stories of hikers who pack the similar … Continue reading Resupply Plan

My First Blog!

This is officially the first blog I’ve written. Ever. For a while now, I have contemplated writing a blog, but what would I even say? As I type this, I am still wondering why on Earth would I want to put my inner thoughts out for everyone to read? Finally, two years ago I found … Continue reading My First Blog!

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